Biography of Sri.Annadevara Subba Rao

Sri Annadevara Subbarao, a staunch srouta saivite and who rendered yeoman service to srouta saiva philosophy was born at Kothapeta,kammireddy palem East Godavari district, Andhrapradesh,INDIA on 26-11-1936.He was born in Dhath nama year on the most precious 13th day of karthika month. His parents are Sri Annadevara Gurunadha Prasadrao and Smt.Manikyamba. He had his early education at Kothapeta and Rajahmundry.He worked in the Income tax department affiliated to Ministry of Finance(Government of India).He retired as Deputy commissioner of Income tax in the year 1994 rendering 40 years of service. He was married in the year 1965 to Smt. Satyavathi and was blessed with two sons and four daughters.

Born in a staunch saivite family, Sri Subbarao was given Sambhava deeksha(lingadarana and panchakshari upadesam by a great and revered saivate scholar named Sri Mallikarjuna pandita radhyula Ambanayya varu(Duvva) of west Godavari district. Andhra Pradesh. Traditionally the staunch saivates used to propogate saiva siddantham by travelling to distant places by foot and performing lingadharana,panchakshari upadesam clearing the doubts of disciples.This is aptly called as Sancharams..Sri Annadevara Parvatheesam (the great grand father of Annadevara Subba rao) used to travel extensively by foot to propogate saiva siddantham in those days.He worked as village head of Thiparru village in west Godavari district.Sri Annadevara subba rayudu(the second son of parvatheesam and grand father of Annadevara subba rao) and Mallikarjuna Panditharadhyula Raja verrayya Ayyavaru (the father In law of Subba rayudu garu) have also propagated saiva siddantha extensively by writing books,discourses,performing lingadarana, saivism rituals and clearing doubts of the disciples by conducting discussions and meetings.Sri Annadevara Subba rao , inspired by his forefathers, propogated srouta saiva siddantham.

He was not only inspired by his forefathers but also was greatly influenced by the great saivate scholars and the heads of Sri Saiva maha peetam(a society of srouta saivates) such as:

[1] Sri Mudigonda Nagalinga Shastry garu (Scholar and Author of more than 100 books in srouta saivam)

[2] Sri Panditarajula Sarabha Aradhyulu garu(saivate scholar and Literary figure in Upanisads)

[3] Sri Mudigonda Jwala lingam garu(saivate scholar and expert in vaasthu)

[4] Mallampalli Rajasekharam garu(great saivate scholar))

[5] Mudigonda Kotayya shastry garu(saivate scholar)

He started a charitable trust named " Siva Jnana lahri " to promote saiva siddantham for the benefit of future generations. After his retirement, he set upon translating the writings of Sri Mudigonda Naga linga shastry garu in to English numbering 11 books till his death on 22 July 2007. He has also created a Website named and for the benefit of the srouta saivates across the world.

A staunch and hard core saivate, Sri Annadevara Subba Rao garu has performed Panchakshari Punaschcharanam (reciting panchakshari mantram million times) at Srisailam (a famous Jyotirlinga of Lord Siva in Andhrapradesh).Sri Subba Rao has memorized the poems of Brahmottara kandam(a chapter of skanda puranam) written by Sridharamallu Venkatarama kavi from his childhood.Influenced by the poems of the Brahmottara kandam, he has installed a sivalinga at Gokarnam,Karnataka district, where the King Ravana has installed the Athma lingam of Lord Parameshwara. Soft spoken and friendly, Sri Subba rao was helped by his contemporaries Sri Kasinadhuni Sarabhaya garu,Sivalenka Somasekhar Aaradhya and Sri Tadikonda Naga Mallaya varu.He has also translated a book named "Siva thatva Sudhanidhi"(a chapter of Malayachala kandam-skanda puranam referred as SIVA RAHASYA KHANDAM)from Sanskrit to telugu .

Parameshwara(siva) is the first teacher.All the seats of learning ,arts and education started with him and ended with him.Sadasiva the first disciple of siva propogated saivism and Sri Neelakantha aradyulu the great saivate scholar has further propogated saivism with his sheer knowledge and scholarly intelligence by writing Brahma sutrams and proving sroutasaivam on the vedic platform of Brahma sutrams, Upanishads, sruthis, smruthis, Puranams and Agamasastrams (referred in literary parlance as "sarva veda vidya samanvyam) and hereditary continuation of srouta saivam by many scholarly personalities.

Sri Annadevara Subba rao garu remains forever in the minds of srouta saivates for his invaluable contribution to srouta saivism by following the footsteps of the above great personalities.The office bearers of siva Jnana Lahri pay a respectful homage and gratitude to Sri Annadevara Subba rao garu for rendering yeomen service to the srouta saivam.

[1] Saiva siddhantha sangraha (saiva siddhanta in brief))

[2] Siva eva karanam (Siva alone is the root cause of this universe)

[3] Srowta mevahi,Dharanam Lingasya (wearing linga on the body is vaidikam)

[4] Srowtanyeva saiva chihnani (saiva symbols, bhasma, rudraksha, sivalinga, Panchakshari and bilwa pathram are vaidikam)

[5] Sistah Ssarvey sivam prapannah.(All scholars worship siva only,surrendering absolutely).

[6] The greatness and antiquity of Neelakanta Bhashyam and Saiva maha Deeksha swaroopam.

[7] Vidyasthana vinirnayam.(a complete decision on the vedic texts)

[8] Matha vinoda charcha.(An entertaining discourse on Saiva, Vaishnava and Adwaitha philosophies.)

[9] Moksha swaroopa nirnayam.(A decision on the form of salvation stated in the Vedas)

10] Brahma padham including veda padham and Vyasapadham.(The path of the absolute Brahman, Siva stated in the Vedas by Vyasa Maharshi.) -UNDER PRINT.

[11] Vedantardha parishkara taraharam.(A decision on the meanings of the Vedas).