Srouta Saiva Siddhanta

  What is Srouta Saiva Siddhanta ?

What is the greatness of Srouta Saiva Siddhanta?

What is Sivatatwam and Sivadwaitam or Siva Visistadwaitam as stated by Sri Nilakantacharya?

What is Suddhadwaitam?

What is Adhyasa Bhashyam as stated by Sri Aadi Sankaracharya and how far it is explaining the tatwatriam? Exposition of Ten Brahma Sutras as per Sankara Bhashyam visa-vis Nilakanta Bhashyam discussed.

What is Karma Jnana Samuchaya Vadam?

What is Vidya and Avidya?

What is Upasana?

What is Moksham or Salvation?

What is the meaning of Triambaka Mantram?

What are the names of Amruta (One who has no death) or Amruta Namams or Taraka Namams or the names of God, by reciting which only, one gets salvation?

What is Adharvana Sikhopanishad stating about Siva, summarising the essence of the four Vedas?

Who is Rudra and how He is stated in the Vedas?

Is Brahmatatwam Sagunam or Nirgunam?

Why Istalingopasana (i.e. worship of the Linga worn on the body by placing Linga in the left hand of the devotee) considered superior to all other forms of worship?

"Hinduism is a way of life, a life in which one can reach God identified as Siva, the Ultimate Reality, Eswara, the Brahman, eulogised in Vedas and Upanishads as such and on which lies the greatness of India i.e. Bharata Khandam for generations to come."
(Let all people, the world over live in peace and happiness, rolling in wealth with full of piety and compassion towards fellow beings is the motto of this great Hindu way of life)

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